Black and white multifunction printer for a greener office

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Going green is not a trend but a necessity. The world's global warming issue has reached a critical condition, and many businesses and sectors are encouraged to use greener methods of doing things to ensure that they decrease their carbon footprint. But what does this mean if you work in an office space? How can corporate offices or any type of office ensure they use green methods to reduce their carbon footprint? The answer is simple: your office's contribution to reducing your carbon footprint lies in your office equipment. That is why it is advisable that when considering office equipment, you should probably go for a multifunctional printer. A multifunction printer is a better option because it is versatile office equipment. It plays the role of a printing machine, a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine which helps you avoid having to use different devices all plugged in one place. Multifunction printers are eco-friendly because they are ideal energy savers which can help reduce your business carbon footprint. This article will discuss the benefits of using a black and white multifunction printer for a greener office.

Black and white multifunction printer for a greener office

Why does your printer play a significant role in going green?

Think about it: printing plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day running of your business. Having an excellent multifunction printer is essential, but when considering the importance of going green, when choosing a printer, you need to ensure that it falls under the requirements of being environmentally friendly and meeting all your office’s printing needs.

The black and white multifunction printer is the best to use when going green in your office.

What is a multifunction printer?

A multifunction printer is versatile office equipment that offers printing, copying, faxing, and scanning features. Most multifunction printers include special features such as stapling, folding, hole punching, and booklet making. Some have computer perks because they can also browse the internet and print straight from a user-friendly display panel.

Modern multifunction printers have even more features that help optimize office and workplace efficiency, productivity, and security. These features include:

●Cost-effective automatic duplexing

●Customizable user interface

●Secure pull printing

●Proactive service notifications

●Hard drive encryption

●Automatic data cleanup

●Connectivity to cloud applications such as OneDrive, Dropbox, as well as Google Drive

●Secure password protection

Why a black and white multifunction printer is the best option for a greener office

Black and white multifunction printers are ideal for providing businesses with cost-effective ways to print high-resolution black and white documents. They are also suitable for applications that are text and data intensive. These printers are commonly lesser in price compared to color multifunction printers. Because Black and white Multifunction printers only use one cartridge, which is black.

Unlike color printing, black and white printing is better for the environment because a black and white multifunction printer uses fewer ink cartridges than those that print in color. This means that less will end up in landfills, making it easier for you to run a greener office.

It is strongly advisable to use fewer cartridges because ink and toner cartridges impact the environment negatively if and when they end up in landfills. Ink and toner contain compounds that can easily pollute the environment, and the plastic used for their packaging takes a very long time to decompose.

Other ways you can use your black and white multifunction printer for a greener office:

Recycle empty ink and toner cartridges

– recycling your empty ink and toner cartridges can be pretty easy because there are numerous places where you can drop them off. Including office equipment shops.

Make use of printer service and settings

– multifunction printers have features and capabilities that allow you to adjust the settings and explore functions that allow you to practice environmentally friendly printing. Make use of these settings by choosing the correct print mode, which will help save the amount of ink you use every time you print. Also, it is best to go with fonts with thinner typefaces; the machine consumes less ink when printing.

Choose better paper

– A printer does not do its job without paper. As you make an equally conscious decision to use a black and white multifunction printer, ensure that you also choose eco-friendly printing materials.

Final thoughts

Do your part and choose the best eco-friendly black and white multifunction printer for your office today; go for Toshiba’s Eco MFP. The first of its kind, a multifunction system with an erasable print function. Save on paper usage and reduce your carbon footprint.


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