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The Toshiba TEC Distributor Kick-Off 2023

  • CalendarAugust 2, 2023
  • User iconToshiba Gulf FZE

The Toshiba TEC Distributor Kick-Off Meeting 2023, which took place in May, was a significant event on the company’s calendar, bringing together key stakeholders, executives, and employees. This annual meeting was used to chart the course for the company’s future endeavors, align strategies, and foster team collaboration. Toshiba TEC, with a rich history of technological innovation and a commitment to excellence, hoped to use this meeting to propel itself to continued growth and success.

Toshiba went above and beyond in its preparations to ensure a successful and engaging event. Recognizing the importance of providing a conducive environment for productive discussions and networking.

A brief overview of the event

The Toshiba TEC Kick-Off Meeting 2023 took place in Bangkok, Thailand, with a carefully planned schedule spanning two days. The event commenced on the 15th of May with a delightful welcome dinner cruise, allowing participants to relax, network, and enjoy the picturesque views of Bangkok’s waterways.

The central kick-off meeting occurred on May 16 at the prestigious Chatrium Grand Bangkok Hotel.
Mr. Yasutoshi Serizawa, a well-known figure within Toshiba TEC Tokyo, gave a welcome speech to kick off the meeting. His speech expressed gratitude to all attendees and emphasized the significance of the meeting in shaping the future endeavors of Toshiba TEC. Mr. Serizawa’s speech aimed to inspire unity and purpose among the participants, setting a positive and motivating tone for the rest of the event.

Following the insightful presentations, the stage was then taken by Mr. Takeshi Kimura, the esteemed Toshiba TEC Singapore GM. He delivered a captivating talk on the intriguing topic of “Paradigm Shift and TSE BSD Directions.” Throughout his presentation, Mr. Kimura shared valuable insights and perspectives, shedding light on the transformative shifts occurring in the industry and the exciting directions the Toshiba TEC team could pursue to embrace these changes successfully.

Attendees and Key Participants

The Toshiba TEC Kick-Off Meeting 2023 brought together a diverse range of attendees, including key stakeholders and representatives from various entities within the Toshiba TEC network. The meeting was a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnership strengthening.

Among the participants were esteemed individuals from Toshiba TEC management, including representatives from Toshiba TEC Singapore, Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba Gulf, Toshiba TEC Malaysia, and Toshiba Software India. Their presence showcased the company’s commitment to aligning strategies and fostering collaboration across different regions.

A panel discussion was a notable highlight of the meeting, featuring well-respected participants who shared their expertise and insights. Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the General Manager of Toshiba Gulf FZE, served as the moderator for the panel.

The panelists included:

  • Mr. Paul Ting, Director & CEO of Toshiba TEC Malaysia and Toshiba TEC Thailand
  • Mr. Kishore Krishnan, Managing Director of Galtech Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Yasser Ghoniem, PMU Director at El Araby Group of Companies and Factories
  • Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, Senior Product Manager at Arabian Business Machine Co. Saudi Arabia; Mr. Jayson MacGregor, Managing Executive of Copy Type Electronics (PTY) Ltd.

Each panelist brought valuable perspectives, sharing success stories, best practices, and insights from their respective subsidiaries and distribution networks.

Awards and recognition

The Toshiba TEC Kick-Off Meeting 2023 award ceremony was a highly anticipated event recognizing outstanding achievements and performances within the Toshiba TEC network. One of the most prestigious accolades, the Diamond Award, was presented to Copy Type Electronics for their spectacular performance. Their exceptional dedication and remarkable results set them apart as a shining example within the Toshiba TEC ecosystem.

In addition to Copy Type Electronics’ achievement, Arabian Business Machines Co., Saudi Arabia, and El Araby Egypt were honored with Gold Awards for their excellent performance. These esteemed organizations demonstrated remarkable success, displaying excellence in their respective fields and contributing significantly to the growth and success of Toshiba TEC.

The award ceremony served as a platform to celebrate and commend the hard work, dedication, and exceptional performances of these organizations and others that deserve recognition and praise. The honor bestowed upon them showcased Toshiba TEC’s appreciation for their valuable contributions and further strengthened the spirit of collaboration and excellence within the Toshiba TEC network.


As Toshiba TEC moves forward, fueled by the energy and insights gained from the kick-off meeting, it is poised to capitalize on new opportunities, navigate industry challenges, and drive innovation. The event served as a powerful catalyst for collaboration, ensuring that the collective efforts of Toshiba TEC’s stakeholders were aligned and focused on achieving the company’s vision.

With a commitment to excellence and a shared sense of purpose, Toshiba TEC is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in the industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving positive change. The Kick-Off Meeting marked a significant milestone, setting the tone for a prosperous and transformative year ahead.

  • CalendarAugust 2, 2023
  • Toshiba Gulf FZEToshiba Gulf FZE


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