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Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp

The Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp is a multifunction device designed with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, making it ideal for small workgroup environments. Engineered to meet stringent environmental standards, this office color printer reduces energy consumption and conserves valuable resources while enhancing your office's productivity. One of its standout features is its ability to produce vibrant, high-quality color output at speeds of up to 24 pages per minute, redefining how you present your documents. Office color printers like the Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp have a unique power to captivate and engage, breathing life into your presentations, reports, brochures, and marketing materials. Charts become dynamic, graphics pop, and photographs radiate with detail. Office color printing conveys information with vibrancy and clarity that monochrome printing simply can't match. Other features to look forward to include the following:

  • Simplify mobile printing with Mopria® and AirPrint
In today's dynamic work environments, the ability to print from mobile devices is essential. The Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp supports mobile printing through Mopria® and AirPrint technologies. This simplifies the process of printing from smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for complex setups or transfers to a computer. Whether on-site or working remotely, your team can easily print documents directly from their mobile devices using one of these convenient office color printers . It's a convenience that enhances flexibility and keeps your team agile and efficient.
  • Ensure document security with robust built-in security features
Security is paramount in any office environment. The Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp takes security seriously, featuring a full-spectrum security architecture that protects your sensitive information comprehensively. This includes safeguards at every level—from the document to the device, over the network, and everywhere.
  • Reduce energy consumption with an eco-friendly design
The Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp goes beyond performance; it's designed with an eco-friendly approach. Its energy-saving features, including an intelligent energy-saving mode, minimize power consumption. This reduces your carbon footprint and translates into cost savings on your energy bills with these office color printers .

Toshiba e-STUDIO240cp
  • Features & Benefits
  • Product Specification

Features & Benefits


  • Print speed of up to 24 pages per minute
  • Print only
  • Memory: (Std/Max) 512MB


  • 2-line mono LCD display


  • Easy to Maintain
  • High Yield Consumables

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Product Specification


Print only
Speed (A4 size):
24 copies per min
First Print Out Time (Mono/Colour):
10.9 / 11.3 sec
2-line mono LCD
(Std/Max) 512MB
Interface (Standard):
10 / 100 / 1000 Ethernet Wireless 802.11b/g/n
Dimension (W x D x H) mm:
411.2 x 394.1 x 344.4 mm
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